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Warehouse and Distribution

Shield offers effective security solutions for warehousing and logistics companies with a range of products and services that are ideal at minimising the risk of crime. As a warehouse it’s of vital importance that the all high value stock you’re housing stays in perfect condition. Your brand quality is driven through you being able to deliver high quality to your customers. By carrying out patrols of your site our warehouse security guards combined with our robust security systems can ensure that your goods are never at risk. A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials. Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities. A suitable level of control over access and egress points is required – one that will make life difficult for unauthorized individuals, without hindering the free movement of staff and clients.


Static Security – Manpower Solutions

Static Security On site security teams are able to deliver a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors by managing the gatehouse and reception to manage access and egress to the facility. This can incorporate staff and vehicle searches and design of security procedure and assistance and delivery of external stock audits, vehicle seals leaving the site alongside checking them onto site. Other areas of expertise may be through delivering covert investigations into shrinkage, loss prevention and other risks posed.

Keeping your stock monitored and securely housed at all times especially when you’re out of hours will give you the satisfaction that your premises won’t fall victim to vandals, thieves or anyone else who poses a threat to the success of your business. Often located in remote industrial areas, warehouses can make for an easy option for those trying their luck at a freebie but thanks to our CCTV and mobile patrols no matter how vast or remote your warehouse, here Shield Security Service Ltd we’re not willing to let this be the case. Monitoring your access points and also offering stock takes and delivery handling, we can offer both the level of protection your site needs and give you the level of assistance you need to ensure a smoother operation every day.

The benefit of mobilising such solutions are:-

  • Physical Deterrent
  • Ensuring safety of goods and inventory
  • Supervision of vehicles on your warehouse premise
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Stock takes
  • Delivery handling
  • Prevention of intruders
  • Foot patrols and random inspections

Remote CCTV Monitoring

A professionally monitored CCTV system can improve the effectiveness of a CCTV system by as much as 90%. This combined with a response service enables Shield to provide a significantly enhanced service to customers.

  • CCTV cameras and alarm detection systems are placed strategically around your premises to give you protection from unwanted visitors.
  • Anyone attempting to access your site will trigger an alarm. The system will activate the appropriate cameras, to relay the video images.
  • At the same time the system automatically dials up our security monitoring centre and transmits the alarm signal and/or images.
  • Trained to recognise and interpret events, validate alarm activations as they happen and our dedicated operator’s action the most suitable response. This can vary from an audio warning, right through to calling the key holder or the emergency services.
  • By linking this to our Emergency Response service, you are guaranteed a quick and effective response 24/7.

Mobile Services

The Mobile Security Service can supervise out of hour’s deliveries to ensure the safety and security of site staff and any merchandise that is at risk when being transferred. The service is extremely flexible and you only pay for the time spent on site.

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