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Financial And High Tech Institutions

GuardShield Security Service Ltd provides physical security solutions for your security needs so that you can focus your resources on your core business. We protect staff, customers and property from security risks. Access control, CCTV and Security Guards are just some of the solutions available. We are fully coherent in the guidelines set out by the FSA on security requirements within your business. Our expertise in the financial services and telecoms and data sectors are exemplified by a portfolio of high profile, blue chip customers within these two specialised segments.

With some of the biggest risks currently facing this sector including terrorism, data theft, kidnap/ransom and fraud, we have responded to the needs of our customers - developing industry leading penetration testing, hostile reconnaissance training and specific qualifications. We also know there may be times when our customers need to increase their alert status and we can respond and provide additional security cover as required to provide complete piece of mind

Suited GuardAs an integral part of your of your team our security officers will often have the most contact with everyone who enters your building, which not only means they need great customer skills but also means they have to deal with a variety of circumstances. Whether you have unruly, abusive intruders who are trying to force their way through your access points or you have a lost, confused visitor who needs assistance, our security officers have the capability to handle a host of situation

Understanding that security is a huge part of keeping everything surrounding your office safe, from expensive equipment to invaluable customer data, we know how important it is that we keep your premise secure at all times, especially out of office hours when you’re most vulnerable. By doing this we help you avoid any exploitation or damage to your Brand, People, Property and Assets. With our security measures not only can we ensure your material assets are covered but perhaps more importantly we’ll maintain that feeling of comfort your employees need every day in their workplace. Ensuring this peace of mind whilst giving you the opportunity to create a personalised service which can integrate added extras on your request, from telephony duties to general maintenance, when you choose Shield Security Service Ltd you get a service dedicated to your exact needs.

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Telephony duties
  • Monitoring access to your premise
  • Offering assistance and assurance to visitors
  • Diffusing any unwanted situations
  • Meeting and greeting your clients with a professional image
  • Site Security Risk Audit

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