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Control Room

Whilst we have regional offices (Doncaster & Putney) Shield Security Service Ltd operate a UK National Support Centre from Neath in South Wales. This infra-structure allows Shield Security Service Ltd to provide low operating costs which benefit our customers.

Our National Support Centre is committed to be a total support centre for all and we continually promote the centre as the "place to go” when information, support, advice and best practice is required.

The control centre directs monitors and supervises every aspect of the Company’s operation round-the-clock, receiving and processing information assessing situations and maintaining communication.

Control RoomOur Duty Controllers are often the first point of contact that our Staff, Customers, Emergency Services and the general public have with our Company. Customer Care, Dedication to the role, Communication Skills, Computer literacy, a Proactive approach and exceptional standards of deportment are merely a random selection of the qualities demanded of our Control Room Staff. We rely heavily on our Controllers, therefore all of our Controllers are "Hand-picked" and approved by a Company Director and receive detailed and rigorous training in the execution of their duties.

Our Control and HQ centres are frequently externally and internally audited and the ‘day’s’ duties and incident logs are recorded, signed and archived.CCTV/Remote Monitoring, “Out of Hours” Direct Help Desk facilities, Lone Worker Monitoring, Vehicle fleet Management and Call Centre Operation are just a few of the tasks undertaken by this Highly Trained, Self-Motivated and well Managed team of whom the Company is extremely proud.

Your contract will be supported by our National Support Centre at our office in Neath.

  • All contracts have scheduled safety call times linked to the Shield Security Service Call Manager system reported in real time allowing instant control and response
  • 24 Hour double manned
  • Call recording
  • Experienced, vetted and highly skilled staff
  • GPS Tracking

We have invested heavily into the “nerve centre” and staff safety therefore at the nucleus of the centre we operate are -:

Call Manager & Roster Manager

  • Call Manager (recognised safety contact system) uses DTMF and CLI telephone technology to record calls automatically from numbers entered into the keypad of tone dial telephone. Telephone numbers can be checked against an internal validation list and the Controller warned of any that are suspicious. The Controller can even leave recorded messages to be played to staff as they call.
  • Roster Manager is designed to run the personnel, contract management and staff roster planning. The system uses contract and employee information to make assignments automatically using a unique and extremely powerful Auto Schedule feature to create staff rosters. Unassigned shifts and available officers can be seen at a glance and manual adjustments made through an intuitive table display reminiscent of a traditional T-Card system.

Business Continuity Plan: In the event of a major incident or Head Office becoming inoperable copy HQ files and key documents are accessible at a separate business location. The Centre is equipped with back-up emergency power to ensure that it remains operational even in the event of a power cut.

Operations / “Nerve Centre”: At Shield Security Service Ltd we centralise and channel all our division communications into the nerve centre. The 24 hour Operations Coordinator will be the first and last point of contact to ensure effective communication.

Duty Manager: Only SENIOR Shield Security Service Ltd management are tasked as duty managers. This system ensures the management team are aware of all incidents to make an informed decision.

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