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Mobile Security Services

Our dedicated mobile services team understands each site is unique and will recommend the most effective way to secure your premises following a thorough risk assessment. Our dedicated mobile services team can provide regular patrols, key holding, alarm response and vacant property security. When you have visitors on site, our team will provide licensed officers to keep your people and assets safe.

Our Officers can provide you with a Key-holding and Alarm Response Service, or a 'Locks and Unlocks' service. This serviceh can include turning off all unnecessary electrical equipment, securing windows, fire exits,locking and alarming. We specialise in a range of premises not limited toon Retail, Financial and Banking, Corporate Office, places of interest, Parks, Car Parks, Factory, Warehouse and Distribution.

Our Mobile Patrol Service provides a complete low cost security solution ensuring stability and continuity of business. The spot checks provided by our mobile patrol service prevents criminal activity, as there is no pattern to when our officers patrol the building. With barcodes placed at agreed inspection points, our officers read these inspection points with a state of the art tagtronic system so a full record of when they patrolled the site is recorded. This system also allows our control to stay in contact directly with each mobile security operative.

Tagronic works on GPS technology that works in tandem with our fully tracked vehicles.

Our officers perform regular external and/or internal mobile patrols, and opening and closing premises, as well as attending to alarm activations.

  • Patrol Vehicles
  • Site Management
  • Health & Safety trained guards
  • High visibility boards at entrance and exit points
  • We can provide guards to undertake risk assessment
  • Extensive Incident Reports
Mobile Security Service

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